The Boys and a Toad

Once upon a time….

While I was attempting to secure the wiring for the dog fence I screamed. A big scream for a little toad that happened to scare the life out of me when it jumped out of nowhere and onto my foot.

I can’t quite figure out if I am lucky or unfortunate with Lincoln’s love of ALL living things. He caught the toad and is determined to make a habitat.

I am pretty set on “NO, the toad cannot come inside!” They just want to keep him long enough to show their dad, oh yea!

They took a bucket from a tomato plant and started to work! I am getting a kick out of Lincoln trying to catch a fly to feed the toad.

After some cutting of twigs… Jaxxon’s job, he cut some twigs with pruning shears, they have made a little home. It has a little container with water, dirt and some leaves… no bugs yet. Maybe I should not call the toad an it, for some reason the boys are calling it a she.

She is trying hard to escape… poor toad

They have been sitting out here for an hour making sure their toad is safe. Lincoln is trying hard to make them friends. He keeps picking up the toad, Jaxx is a little afraid of it, he screams like I do!

After dad sees it, they will put it in our garden so it can eat the bugs. They don’t really stop to think he is just gonna hop away!

Watch our garden grow

We are desperately trying to get our garden finished. I keep asking myself, why is this taking so long??? This we we planned to finish. It would be beautiful outside and we would go out to garden, and within minutes, rain!!!!! It has rained all week on us.

We did manage to garden a bit, this crabgrass is crazy! Biggest part of our gardening is pulling it to clear the other space we want to be able to use.

I have discovered that something magical happens when you ask the kids to take pictures for you. Lincoln had my phone to capture Jaxx, and I just love the photos he captured! Jaxx is doing a great job pulling up the crab grass, when he isn’t busy playing with the hose and soaking himself and everything else within spraying distance.


We plan to finish up this week. Buying more plants!!!!

We currently have 3 different types of tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, cauliflower, dragon peppers, basil and a blueberry bush. I only have a few photos but will keep posting as we watch our garden grow.

It has been a fun project plating together with the kiddos. They are super excited to be able to pick their own food. I am hoping it will make Jaxxon try more veggies….