Gardening makes me wanna go shopping

So I had this wacky idea to start a garden. We have this small section in the home we bought already set up for gardening. I am not sure how much gardening they did since it is the only section on our property that is growing crabgrass.  Do you know how hard crabgrass is to get rid of?

Jaxx has the easy job. He gets to soak the ground so that we can get rid of the crabgrass. He definitely looks miserable, but he is actually having fun.

Jaxx watering the crabgrass

Lincoln on the other hand. He likes to wait until he is truly needed, definitely not volunteering to help kinda kid. He is busy sitting int he barn and making himself a bow from a tree branch he got.

Lincoln sitting on the barn floor working on his bow

So did I mention, I hate dirt under my fingernails? Like really hate the feeling. I think it would be so much easier to pull this crabgrass if I wasn’t wearing gloves. But since I hate dirt under my nails, we do it the hard way!

This feels like so much work to get some veggies growing. Am I out of my m ind? The grocery store is ONLY 25 minutes away.  But, we said we were going to do this as a family and have fun with it. SO fun we are having. Actually, it is pretty cool to be planting our own garden.  Jaxx has his big life question. Why are we planting if they are only going to die in the winter? Must be nice to be a 6 year old.

We took a break due to the heat. I will make sure to post our progress. Plants should definitely be in the ground tomorrow.



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