When Nature Calls

Life begins again nextweek,in a matter of speaking. The boys go back to school and I go back to work. What a summer it has been. We decided to take advantage of one of our last days home and go to the pond to swim. To our surprise, it was empty!!! Jaxxon was super excited to swim and Lincoln, well not so much. He really didn’t feel like being in the water today. And then a frog beckoned him!

While Jaxx begged for Lincoln to swim and Lincoln kept saying he didn’ t want to be wet, a frog sat waiting. Once Lincoln spotted that frog, the idea of being wet didn’t seem to bother him much, he simply can’t seem to stay away from living creatures in nature.

It is funny to watch him. First is the excitement, “oh my gosh I found a frog!” Next comes fear, “Do you think it is poisonous?” Lastly comes the adventure, “I have to catch this frog!”

And it begins. Suddenly getting wet doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

And he comes back with a friend.

And I constantly have to explain why we don’t get to keep all of these things as pets.

We had an amazing time in an empty pond .. almost empty


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