Wildlife Park

Today we went to the Maine Wildlife Park. We had so much fun!

Lincoln struggled a bit with the entrance sign, he seems to think anything living that he comes across should become a pet.

This white deer was my personal highlight. I was so amazed, I had never seen a white deer, not even in a photo.

An albino raccoon!!!

This crazy guy. He seemed so harmless yet, did you see what he eats???

This porcupine was taking a nap! Mike said it was the first porcupine he had seen that wasn’t smashed on the side of the road. Lincoln said it reminded him of his friend Nathan who used to call himself the laziest person ever.

The nature trail was fun, and very pretty.

Moose moose and more moose

We fed the bears, I think it was dog food!

Lincoln screamed like a baby. The one thing that seems to scare him is fuzzy caterpillars, always wondering which ones are poisonous!

Jaxx couldn’t be happier that he saw a fox.

It was a beautiful day!

We were all in awe by this beauty!

And more fuzzy caterpillars

Followed by some fish feeding

Be careful, they bite.

Feeding frenzy!

We had a blast!!!!


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