Lots of firsts

Today the boys started school. First day of school, first date at a new school, first day of junior high, first school day ever in Maine, and the first time taking a school bus. It was a very busy day!

Also, their school called a half day today, FIRST TIME EVER, because it was hot and in the 90’s. Looks like we brought the California summer to Maine, maybe winter will follow suit.

Jaxx was feeling quite a bit nervous, Lincoln was awesome at reassuring him.

We really hoped the bus didn’t forget about them.

Success, they are off.

I couldn’t be more thankful to Jenn who lovingly watched my boys this week while I was at work. I would say first job in Maine, but I work in New Hampshire!

They love being with her and it allows me such a huge comfort and peace of mind.

They went fishing!!

Jaxx was so excited, he kept telling Jenn that he thought fishing would be boring but he was having fun.

He told Mike all about how to put a worm on your hook and how feisty the fish were.

Good people here and a great sense of community.


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