I miss the trash truck!

I never thought I would say that I missed the trash trucks. The taking of the cans to the street and the noise of the trash trucks in the morning always seemed like a nuisance to me. That nuisance now seems like a dream I wish I had again.

Instead, we get the pleasure of loading up our cars with trash!

Saturday is usually our “going to the dump” day. This weeks trip was especially stinky. I almost didn’t think I would be able to keep my insides in while we drove to the dump, all windows down, so glad it wasn’t raining. What the heck are we gonna do when it is snowing?

This was possibly one of the biggest culture shocks for me. Taking my trash to the dump. Let me tell you, it definitely changes the way you think about trash.  My biggest thought currently is what to do with the lobster soup in the fridge that I decided I just didn’t quite like.  I think it may have to stay in the fridge until the very last minute. Then we dump it into some strong trash bags and double bag it before we take it. Always a fear with liquid. I couldn’t imagine how horrible that would be if lobster soup spilled in the car!

4 thoughts on “I miss the trash truck!

  1. Oh my gosh! Is there no trash pick up in your town or is this the case in all of Maine? I think starting a compost is one way of controlling waste and the second is going to be recycling. I would be talking to your neighbors and coworkers about how they deal with trash


    1. Some cities have trash pick up. Ours does not. The dump is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. We just started a garden so we will be competing. The dump has recycling as well. But yes, we have to take it ourselves.
      We can pay someone to come pick it up, but I am not working all summer, so the extra expense isn’t going to work.


  2. Good Morning Mainers! Enjoying the blog on your new adventures! We moved 5 hours away – you all moved 5 days away! Trash will be tricky! Make a garden compost for food trash, ( my Janine is a pro!) recycle what you can and burn if allowed boxes and paper in fireplace and outdoor campfire pit. Flatten everything before throwing it in the barrels. Good luck and Blog On! ❤️🌈


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