Eggs anyone?

In case I haven’t told you, we LOVE Maine! We took a huge leap of faith and moved across the country, and it was the best thing we could have ever done.

Everywhere we drive we see eggs for sale on the side of the road. One day we decided to stop and check it out. So we pulled up along side this cute little egg house.


Inside of it was a little red cooler that said 2.50 per dozen. You open it up and there are cartons of eggs and a cool whip container to leave the money.  Let me tell you, this would NEVER work in California. You couldn’t leave anything out without fear of it being stolen. Farm fresh eggs are amazing. I leave them in a basket on my counter. Did you know fresh eggs don’t need to be refrigerated???? We ended up meeting this great couple that sells these eggs at the pond. My eggs still have bedding on them and are all different sizes.


And just in case you were wondering……


I made Mike breakfast the other day and he asked me what was wrong with his eggs. I ran out of farm fresh and used store bought. Whoops… Funny how he could immediately tell. I don’t eat eggs so I am not much help there! Happy Hatching!


3 thoughts on “Eggs anyone?

  1. There are quite a few stands like that in Julian, ca. Same thing, drop the money in the bucket and take the produce. They also sell those eggs in the little market in town. It’s one reason we enjoy our weekend there 😊

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