Unwanted Dinner Guests

The hazards of living in Maine so far, chipmunks and mice. Side note, we found their hole… now to patch it up!

We decided to have dinner the other night out on the back porch. I made some steaks on the BBQ and we had a salad, trying to keep it as keto as possible. It is hard with Mike’s new found Ice Cream addiction!!!!

We are sitting around the table having a lovely family dinner and we hear them. The tin scatter of feet as the kids scream, what it is!!!! A really cute, not that I want it in my house, white and black mouse and three chipmunks. My biggest fear after the chipmunk in the house incident is that he is going to jump down onto the table. Here is one little guy half hanging outside from the hole they made in the screen, time to fix that too! No wonder we had so many flies in the porch the other day!


So a nice relaxed family sit down dinner turned into flashlights and craziness. I think I will take these little guys over the massive raccoons and possums we had in CA that made a home in the attic.



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