Maine makes us better


The other day someone asked me how we were all adjusting to our move. Honestly, I would have to say that Maine makes us better. It isn’t always good, we are a family and definitely have our ups and downs. There is something about being in the middle of what feels like God’s country that forces us to bond.

The other night after dinner, we decided to stay outside and enjoy nature and each other’s company. That would never have happened in CA. We would have been on the couch in front of the TV.

The boys decided to build a fire and enjoy the outdoors.




After awhile Jaxx decided to sit on the porch with me and snuggle and watch the entertainment.


Eventually Jaxx and I just decided to stay put, and we fell asleep. Never in a million years in CA would we have fallen asleep on the back porch watching the boys and their fire. These kids love being outside, it forces us to spend time with them outside, therefore, we spend way ore time together as a family.

Maine is amazing!!!! One of our best decisions yet.



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