Circus Time

Yesterday we went to the Zerbini Family Circus.  And we had a blast! It all started out with camel rides, Lincoln was having a hard time because he was falling behind the hump, but he said it was awesome to ride a camel.

This was a family first. Neither of the boys had been to a circus before, and can you believe Mike had never been either.  We all think what we do in life is hard work, and I am sure 99% of us actually do work hard. Have you seen what happens at a circus? This family sets up, performs, breaks down, packs up and drives to a new town on a daily basis! And what work it is to put on a circus, everyone has about 100 different jobs to do. The kids work too, and they are amazing! It was great for our boys to see kids their own age working stands and performing.

Juggling. I have tried to juggle for years, I simply cannot get the hang of it. These jugglers were amazing. A family of three and boy could they juggle.

The kids were most amazed with the flying trapeze. Jaxx kept asking, “how is everyone so talented?” I had the most enjoyment just watching their faces. The laughter and the awe, it was amazing.  They had their first funnel cake, first circus and first camel ride.  Summer has been loads of fun so far.

So from our family to yours, go have some fun and enjoy whatever it is you decide to do.



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