Do You Make Your Bed?

Do you make your bed? I have always been of the mind, why? It is just going to get messy again. However, Mike really likes the bed to be made, so I have been making the bed.

I must admit, I absolutely love the way my room looks when I walk into it and the bed is made. I feel accomplished and satisfied. I never thought a fresh made bed could bring such a sense of satisfaction.

What are your thoughts on bed making? Did you grow up making your bed or did something in adulthood make you do it?


9 thoughts on “Do You Make Your Bed?

  1. I grew up having to make my bed every morning. And the same habit carried over into my adult life. But some days i’m a rebel and don’t do it, with the “heck with it” mentality. =p

    But now every morning i do a yoga routine and then do my bed, i share the same sense of satisfaction you recently found. Its like my head start to make it the best day..


    1. I grew up in a home where neatness, order and beauty were prized. Both of my grandmothers made their homes a place of beauty and refuge. They were from different worlds, yet possessed qualities in their homes that I still cherish to this day. I never saw my maternal grandmothers home but I have stunning photographs of it. Beautiful, elegant and set across the street from the ocean on a tropical Island. It was one block long…huge! My grandfather was a very wealthy man in the early 1900s. My paternal grandma was simple, down to earth. She was a lady from the Midwest who enjoyed keeping a proper home. I have one teacup that was hers.
      I say all this cuz making a bed each morning is built into my DNA. I simply and truly cannot function in an environment that each item is not in its proper place and I mean PROPER PLACE! I treasure the material things God has placed in my care and try to keep it looking in the condition I was given it.
      I enjoy treating myself to simple luxuries such as sleeping in a bed that has clean sheets and are smoothed out and tucked in, making my nights rest as comfy as possible. I like sitting at a table that is crumb free and using a sink that is clean. I expect these things if I go to a hotel, so, why wouldn’t I treat myself to these luxuries at home? It costs me nothing to make a bed, clean a sink or wipe a table. So, long story, I make my bed, hang my towel, soak in a tub with pretty soap and appreciate walking into a room that soothes my frenetic brain and causes me to slow down and take a deep breath and feel thankful for all God has given me 😊
      Ok, so, I may sound really uptight and at one time I was. I have balance now in life but I still like a clean home😂


  2. Hi Kim,
    I made my bed growing up every morning. In my adult life i have gone back and forth with it until sobriety. It is now part if my morning routine that keeps me focused and connected.


  3. Home practices trickle down to your children. A bed that is made shows pride in your room and in yourself for keeping it that way -as you have already found out! Good for you! 😘🌈❤️


  4. My mother insisted that my sisters and I make our beds everyday when we were growing up. My wife insists we do the same. I almost always help her with it. Being a girl from the South, my wife calls it fixing the bed, not making it. I agree that the room looks much better with a made bed.

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