Sometimes … Just Get Out Of Your Own Way!

I had the worst day on Saturday and it was all preventable. Mike said something rude on the way to the movies and I let it ruin my day! I feel like I turned into this monster, and it was their fault, not mine!

Really… it was stupid and I could have let it go. Time is too precious to let that little devil sit on my shoulder.

As I look back on the day, I can see the good, the fun, the light and the happiness! I needed to get out of my own way!

We went to see Christopher Robin, and it was awesome.

I have to admit, I was super nervous to see this movie. They did a fantastic job. We laughed and laughed. It truly was a Pooh Bear moment. And what a way to remind us to let things go… just walk away from where you have been!

We ended the day in the backyard, mind you … I still wanted to be all grumpy and mad. But love has a funny way of wearing you down. And there was nothing but love with these boys in the backyard, all 5 of em…

The kids have so much fun exploring their own little slice of paradise. How could you not enjoy this? So they kicked off their boots and played in the water!

On the way back up to the house, Max found a fairly large garden snake, thank goodness there are ZERO poisonous snakes here in Maine. Of course Lincoln wants to catch the snake and keep it, go figure! Max beat him to it and decided to attack the snake, and off it slithered to be found again on another expedition.

So get out of your own way and take the advice of a cuddly bear: Make today your favorite day, and everyday will be good.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes … Just Get Out Of Your Own Way!

  1. I ,too was worried how this movie would be. Glad to read a positive review. The girls are here this week, hopefully Cali and I can see it together.
    Great lesson for all!

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