Pow Wow

The other day we spent some time at a pow wow. It was a perfect rainy day

The boys had a great time. They truly enjoy learning about their roots.

Of course it just solidified the idea of them wanting to build a really large teepee in the back, we are looking into that for next year, gotta get through our first winter first.

They had fun playing a game, so simple and yet they were so occupied. Quite possibly one of these games will have to go beside the teepee.

The drums and dancing were amazing. Just standing there and listening really opens up something deep inside. Such a sense of peace and being one with nature.

When You Know it is Right!!

Sometimes we know in our heart we made the right choice but our head isn’t always as sure.

And then something happens that pulls it all together in the right place.

When you walk outside and watch your son making his own rope, as happy and content as can be, you know you made the right choice.

Lincoln definitely belongs in Maine, in the outdoors. He is in his element.

Our 1st Brownfield Day!

It all started with a parade, that happens to begin right at our house. It travels down Main St. to the rec center.  This was definitely a fun community event. We stood outside and watched the parade as the driver proceeded to throw candy to the kids, so much candy!!!!!

It was really awesome for the kids to see so many people from their own community coming together in one place.  We wondered what the purpose of Brownfield Day was when one man said, “If they didn’t do a day like this none of us would take the time to talk to one another”.  I think it was just a fun time to get together and celebrate the community.

My favorite thing was standing at our house and looking down Main St and feeling such a sense of community. We didn’t feel this back in CA.  It was pretty cool.


Once we went down to the rec center the fun began, at least for the boys.  They had a blast in this inflatable playground that was set up.

This face is priceless! Jaxxon loved the slide.
I love how daring these kids are. I would have been scared of hitting my nose.
And exhaustion sets in…
That second jump seemed the hardest, balancing on a wobbly ball to jump tot he next wobbly ball.
No part of this looks fun to me!

We took a break for a bit from this madness and the kids had some food. Lincoln went straight for a strawberry shortcake and Jaxxon for a hot dog. He was a bit taken back by the fact that it was pink, even though they are called red.  He had me peel off the casing, but otherwise was pretty pleased with the hot dog.  You got me happy with No by-products, NO fillers and NO artificial flavors.

We ended with a try at the dunk tank, dunk a volunteer fireman!


And he got him. Good shot Lincoln.

Looking forward to next year, it was a ton of fun!

The Boys and a Toad

Once upon a time….

While I was attempting to secure the wiring for the dog fence I screamed. A big scream for a little toad that happened to scare the life out of me when it jumped out of nowhere and onto my foot.

I can’t quite figure out if I am lucky or unfortunate with Lincoln’s love of ALL living things. He caught the toad and is determined to make a habitat.

I am pretty set on “NO, the toad cannot come inside!” They just want to keep him long enough to show their dad, oh yea!

They took a bucket from a tomato plant and started to work! I am getting a kick out of Lincoln trying to catch a fly to feed the toad.

After some cutting of twigs… Jaxxon’s job, he cut some twigs with pruning shears, they have made a little home. It has a little container with water, dirt and some leaves… no bugs yet. Maybe I should not call the toad an it, for some reason the boys are calling it a she.

She is trying hard to escape… poor toad

They have been sitting out here for an hour making sure their toad is safe. Lincoln is trying hard to make them friends. He keeps picking up the toad, Jaxx is a little afraid of it, he screams like I do!

After dad sees it, they will put it in our garden so it can eat the bugs. They don’t really stop to think he is just gonna hop away!

Sometimes … Just Get Out Of Your Own Way!

I had the worst day on Saturday and it was all preventable. Mike said something rude on the way to the movies and I let it ruin my day! I feel like I turned into this monster, and it was their fault, not mine!

Really… it was stupid and I could have let it go. Time is too precious to let that little devil sit on my shoulder.

As I look back on the day, I can see the good, the fun, the light and the happiness! I needed to get out of my own way!

We went to see Christopher Robin, and it was awesome.

I have to admit, I was super nervous to see this movie. They did a fantastic job. We laughed and laughed. It truly was a Pooh Bear moment. And what a way to remind us to let things go… just walk away from where you have been!

We ended the day in the backyard, mind you … I still wanted to be all grumpy and mad. But love has a funny way of wearing you down. And there was nothing but love with these boys in the backyard, all 5 of em…

The kids have so much fun exploring their own little slice of paradise. How could you not enjoy this? So they kicked off their boots and played in the water!

On the way back up to the house, Max found a fairly large garden snake, thank goodness there are ZERO poisonous snakes here in Maine. Of course Lincoln wants to catch the snake and keep it, go figure! Max beat him to it and decided to attack the snake, and off it slithered to be found again on another expedition.

So get out of your own way and take the advice of a cuddly bear: Make today your favorite day, and everyday will be good.

Do You Make Your Bed?

Do you make your bed? I have always been of the mind, why? It is just going to get messy again. However, Mike really likes the bed to be made, so I have been making the bed.

I must admit, I absolutely love the way my room looks when I walk into it and the bed is made. I feel accomplished and satisfied. I never thought a fresh made bed could bring such a sense of satisfaction.

What are your thoughts on bed making? Did you grow up making your bed or did something in adulthood make you do it?

Circus Time

Yesterday we went to the Zerbini Family Circus.  And we had a blast! It all started out with camel rides, Lincoln was having a hard time because he was falling behind the hump, but he said it was awesome to ride a camel.

This was a family first. Neither of the boys had been to a circus before, and can you believe Mike had never been either.  We all think what we do in life is hard work, and I am sure 99% of us actually do work hard. Have you seen what happens at a circus? This family sets up, performs, breaks down, packs up and drives to a new town on a daily basis! And what work it is to put on a circus, everyone has about 100 different jobs to do. The kids work too, and they are amazing! It was great for our boys to see kids their own age working stands and performing.

Juggling. I have tried to juggle for years, I simply cannot get the hang of it. These jugglers were amazing. A family of three and boy could they juggle.

The kids were most amazed with the flying trapeze. Jaxx kept asking, “how is everyone so talented?” I had the most enjoyment just watching their faces. The laughter and the awe, it was amazing.  They had their first funnel cake, first circus and first camel ride.  Summer has been loads of fun so far.

So from our family to yours, go have some fun and enjoy whatever it is you decide to do.